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Light Grafiti!!! Cool en?? and some other mumbling...

Salam and hi peeps...
Seems nowadays everybody is using dslr as something they must have, practically same goes to me, it has been already 2 years since I have my own dslr and 6 years of experience in editing~ quite long huh?? Hahahaha but still am a total noob....

What really interest me is the outcome on every pic taken, something as a copyright to your birthright because 1 in millions it will come out the same~ interesting and worth taking isn't???
Last few days were a disastrous for me, had to be the middleman for my pals as they were arguing over the perfect technique in capturing the desired pic and some were arguing over editing as it will destroy the originality of the pic...Hell yeah!!! it will but isn't that is what technology for??? Come on...

I came a across a fren of mine talking about light grafiti....well it is not a new thing because it is something being overexposed so basically it is already older than myself but somehow now it gains much popularity eventually in some area such as wedding, advertisement and etc2x10...

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What is light grafiti???
light saber mam!!! yeah it shud be the same!!

How to do it??

- ISO 200 or lower because at higher ISO more grain it will become especially in low light
i) Lowest aperture (dark place)
ii) f/16 - f/22 (bright place)
- Shutter speed
Longer exposure is essential for higher detail on the light
8secs - 5mins depending on your source of light and environment
(longer exposure the darker the location you will need)
- Light ------> anything that shine (LED or glow stick)

ok2, i will stop for now...salam and ENJOY!!!


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