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My Usual Photo-shoot Settings

Night photography

ISO 200 - 400

normal night shot
- 25 - 30secs f22
- 10 secs f11

trail light
- 2.5secs f/22

still life background but moving object in front
- 1secs f/8

1/640 seconds f/8-f11

some may want overexpose therefore slower shutter speed is needed

Day photography

Sunny 16

Use the same shutter speed the same as the ISO
ISO 200 1/200 seconds
only change the f/stop according to the weather
f22 - snowy day, sharp edge shadow
f16 - sunny day, distinct shadow
f11 - slight overcast, soft edge shadow
f8 - overcast, barely visible shadow
f5.6 - heavily overcast, no shadow
f4 - sunset, no shadow
f11 - backlighting



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