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The Forgotten Miracle

When all hopes are lost, the only one thing that probably most of us wish for is a miracle. In bestowing our hopes we are much rely on miracles and others to make it happen. Sit and watch mate! Is it enough? Even when we are depressing or sadness upon us, we hope we can turn it around, crying out loud without doing nothing. Days become weeks, weeks become months and sadly years and we just stood there without moving on. Why don't just for once, only this once stop this sadness or emptiness only after a few days? Think hard and look around. There are more people out there who suffer more and a miracle from us is the only thing can help them; famine, war, poverty, trafficking and etc... Much of a fairytale, but human do need miracle of love especially to give them strength and power to turn things around. Share and spread the love dude! Give love get love! Simple! Be sad, only for a while, move on like a butterfly. We humans tend to fill the emptiness with temporary actions and turn our way to find the truth (the real miracle) and what really benefits us in long term. Remember the straight line post before?

We are taught to help each other in happiness and sadness especially in search for the truth and the true meaning of this life. We cannot do everything alone and we need each other to accomplish something extraordinary even in corporate life, teamwork is one thing you look into to improve without much argument.

"You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything)" (1:5)

In surah Al-Fatihah, Allah commands us to worship Him and ask for His help as a unit. You can notice the word 'we' not 'I" in the surah. By uniting all Muslims under one roof we can do great things and hopefully end years of miserable and pathetic life as a Muslim from the eyes of the world. That is one miracle that we need now. The more fortunate Muslims must help the less fortunate one and please stop worrying about how miserable or difficult your life is because we must unite now and by abiding those negativities and understand without hopes and unity, miracles cannot happen, things will be much easier and smooth as we do it for the Al-Mighty. Help each other in understanding what is like to be a Muslim and spread the knowledge of Islam for better understanding as Islam is not a force but simply a lifestyle. Maybe by doing this we can see all of our hopes being fulfilled without notice. 

"Knowledge comes before speech and action", said Imam Al-Bukhari

The only miracle we do tend to forget is all the miracles given by our Creator in many ways which we overlook and sometimes doesn't make sense but as we look it throughly we can find the truth.    

"Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding" (3:190)

We work during the day and sleep at night to gather strength, wake up and notice we are still breathing. Isn't it a miracle? How the cloud stand on its own as a roof to this world much different to a building built by a human being. Isn't it a miracle?

Stephen Hawking once said,"I am much amazed how molecules can interact with each other (as someone commands them) and form a strong structure. That is one thing I can't explain"

So, enough is enough, we have our duty to reform everything for greater good of all, see things with your senses and don't ever forget the forgotten miracle because we are miracles. Yes, you! From nothing to something. Be content of being who you are. Smile! You never know what a smile and pure heart can do...



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