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Straight Line - Road not taken

Salam and hi peeps,
Usually we always heard, you must take this road not that road but do we ever listen? Or even sure is it the right road?

"Guide us on the straight path" (Surah Al-Fatihah 1:6)
Do we really understand what is a straight path or a straight line? Based on english dictionary, a straight line means the shortest distance between two points. So, if we are on the right track we will get to our target faster right? Allah already given the best remedy and guidance for us, human and Muslim eventually through His Prophet, Muhammad SAW and also Al-Quran. It is totally absurd for Muslim for not reaching the real target (heaven or meeting the Creator) as the road is always there in front of them. This kind of road also can be applied in everything including self esteem redemption, social, work and family life! Because straight path is always the right road to be taken. For me, Islam is the easiest and fastest road! It's a lifestyle for me.

Here is a quote from a comic@manga that I read. Cunning yet has beautiful and deeper meaning:
"If you don't give up on getting there, then you are not on the wrong road. Even if the place you arrive at is not the one you hoping for, just search out the next road from there, If you do that you will eventually arrive without fail"

Also here is an image for you for better understanding.

Salam and enjoy!


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