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Fasting - A Gift

Salam and hi peeps,
It is already a week in Ramadhan for 1432 Hijra, but somehow do we really know why we are fasting? Why fasting is a gift? Simple peeps! Fasting is the only action or 'amal@ibadah' which is personally taken into account or given the merit or rewarded by Allah Himself. No need for 'hisab' or
simple English, not accounted with fixed points unlike other deeds that we did in 'dunya' which were already being fixed with certain points if we do it. Only Allah know how much we get by fasting. So! Better performance better result!
From Abu Hurairah RA says that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said: The Almighty and Master of Honor says: All other actions of a person are for himself, except the case of his fasting which is exclusively for Me and I shall pay (recompense) for him for the same. (Bukhari and Muslim)

” … fasting [which] is a shield … “ Hadith Sahih Bukhari Chapter 31
It is just like a shield in battlefield protecting a person from an enemy; protect a person from committing sins and prevent from entering the Hellfire which also can be mentioned as increasing our 'taqwa' (self awareness in protecting ourselves against the Hellfire). Fasting is not just abstaining from food and drink, but it also incorporates abstaining from sins and improper speech and actions. Such as, when a person wants to argue with you, immediately you would tell yourself, "I'm fasting!". Does not mean that you cannot fight that person but you just simply do not want to lower down your points in fasting or making it impure by staining it with disorder behaviour. This also can be applied when we are on a brink of making sins such as sexual passion. Utilizing the shield is also beneficial in maintaing continuity (istiqamah) in making 'ibadah' or good deeds just for the sake of Allah.

Together! Lets make this Ramadhan as it is the last one in our life! There are two joy for the one who is fasting: a joy when he breaks his fast and a joy when he meets his Lord.



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