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Natural Fiber (Wood) - Science from the Quran

Have you thought about the fire that you light? Is it you who make the trees that fuel it grow or are We the Grower? We have made it to be a reminder and a comfort for travellers in the wild. So glorify the name of your Lord, the Magnificent! (Surat al-Waqi ‘a, 71-74)

One of the chemical substances mainly responsible for the structure of wood is “lignocellulose.” This substance is a compound of the materials known as “lignin” and “cellulose” that give wood its hardness. In terms of chemicalstructure, wood is made up of

50% cellulose, 25% hemicelluloses and 25% lignin.1 An analysis of these substances’ chemical formulae reveals three vital elements: hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. 
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The hard and resistant nature of wood is the result of the cellulose fibers it contains. Because cellulose is hard and insoluble in water. It is this property of cellulose that makes the use of wood in construction so advantageous. Cellulose, described as a “contractible and incomparable substance,” has for centuries been used a great deal more than other materials in keeping wooden buildings standing, other buildings, bridges and many other structures.

Wood formation is a highly complicated process involving an unbelievable variety of metabolic steps in the roots, stem and crown of shrubs and trees. These details in the creation of wood remind us, as set out in Surat al-Waqi ‘a, that wood cannot be made by human beings.



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