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Getting engaged without notice (True story)

Salam and hi peeps,
The true meaning of an engagement by Islam is when a man purposed a marriage proposal towards a woman and that woman said yes even not in a formal situation, they are already engaged. Therefore it is forbidden (haram) for other guys to make any marriage proposal towards that woman unless they don't know it.

  Nowadays, many people think that for a man and woman to get engage is through a formal or fancy ceremony and with a ring as an agreement but many people take it lightly and don't know what is an engagement by syara' (Islam). For an engagement to be done, the woman must have few criteria needed to make an agreement which are sane, healthy, can think for herself, does not being influence by others (own decision), clever and willing to take the responsibility.

  Therefore, ladies please be careful when a guy asked you to marry him because maybe you will get engaged unnoticed such as;
a man say, "I want to marry you lah, can?", 
the woman say,"Sure, why not? hahaha!". 

For Muslims, engagement is not a license for you to act like husband and wife. It is just for you to know each other in a proper way. REMEMBER!!! Getting engaged to be married not married ok?!!! Hahahaha!!!

Good day peeps and salam...


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