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So often we heard, "Behind every great man there is woman", the great contribution of female homosapien is significant in everyone's life as not only the breeder for human race but also the educator & source of love that we always look for.

Emotionally attach often seen as a liability thus misjudge a woman as a weak human being but because of this affection woman ia chosen to be the only soulkeeper in giving birth to every human on earth. The pain & suffering of giving birth only can be handled by a woman because of their nature & creation to withstand negative emotions. A man can never understand a woman's feeling as so often they cleanse their mind & becomes unpredictable at times because emotions are within their. That is why a woman's mind is cleaner than a man because they change it all the time.

In Islam, the value of woman is not being downgrade as many think, only in status woman is second to man but morally woman is valued equally with man even as a professional the working ethic of a woman is unquestionable, "Think like a man, work like a woman". A woman is a jewel need to be protected with love & affection therefore the implementation of hijab to cover their body is a beautiful way of showing how Islam value a woman. 

Rasulullah SAW said, 
"There will remain no greater danger for the people after my death than women. Fear the world of women." [ibid, volume 3, p.86]

A woman is a temptation towards men, that is the meaning of the hadeeth in reminding how vulnerable a man can be in front of a woman. That is power beyond physical strength.

Therefore it is right to use the right phrase in honouring the women, "Behind every idiot man there is a great woman".

Take care & protect the woman even they have different faith because they are made to be protected.


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