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The Promiseland

Ever since we were born, we are bound in making promises either in study, chorus, work and much part of our life especially during important moments. It is a self-learning environment where we are becoming more responsible and obligate in fulfilling the promises that we have made. But the truth is, are we making the promises for our own satisfaction or simply because other's desire? Somehow sometimes we lost the anxiety and excitement in fulfilling the promises as it faded away along the way and eventually lost without a trace until someone spanks you and remind you back. 

It is important to know the true meaning in making those promises and by making those promises, we ask ourselves where is the benefit or am I capable of fulfilling it? By breaking a promise, we will be stamped as a liar, irresponsible, lack of desire and many more negativities that sometimes hurt us so much and live in fear; fear of losing someone, being alone, fear of losing a job, fear of taking risk and fear of having a place in a society. For some people, running away and take the safe road are easier than fulfilling a promise.

How about if someone break their promises towards us? We do feel neglected, taken for granted, don't trust that particular person and much more. But, do we ever think that there is always a reason in every decision? A way of Allah showing us that human is not perfect and there will always be a trial and error to make that person know his limits and do better in the future? Yes, sometimes we give that person a chance to keep his promises over and over again but not all can be as what we expected or goes to plan, some are slow and some are over-confident because they can. We do feel that we are always keeping our promises but when someone doesn't, we burst, angry, hate and started to draw the line between us and that person. Is it appropriate? Who are we to judge a person based on his actions? 

What we can do is by showing them their weaknesses in most pleasant way and if he or she doesn't accept it, that's it! You done your job and keep your faith in that person so that may Allah show it to them. People who are always breaking their promises is truthfully not a model or can be idolized by anyone but stop having faith and stop giving that person another chances is far greater sin because in Islam we are taught to give a everyone a chance and forgiveness. A person weakness can be used for the greater good of Islam itself. For example; Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab is known for his fierceness before he converted to Islam but when he is in Islam he used it for Islam and from there, Islam grew stronger and known all over the world. 

The only promises that we must fulfill are simply to know Allah and Islam more. All of us are born as Muslims with a promise and it is through our actions and belief either we will come back to Him as what we promised before or the other way around. It's ok not being able to fulfill a promise to another being and the fastest way to overcome expectation is by telling the truth that we can't fulfill it because initially we have the determination to do it but along the way there are reasons why we can't. Show your good work ethics and determination in fulfilling those promises and people will realize you already done your best. Just be careful when making your promises especially to someone you want to be with because eventually you are engaged when you do so without notice. May Allah show you the way and always correct the way you think(niat) when you do something.



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