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The Thieves of Riyadh - Con Defender of The Muslim World

Allah SWT gives Muslims enough oil and other resources including billions of pounds extorted from the Hajj pilgrimage over many years, to feed, clothe, shelter and care for every Muslim on earth so that they can live with dignity and self respect. But nowadays Muslims are daily maimed, tortured, imprisoned, expelled from their hearth and homes in Lebanon, Palestine, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia and othe parts of the world. Others simply died of hunger and thirst as in Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Why? It is simple, all the Muslim's wealth has been looted by the Muggers and Satans of the West through their slaves the so called Arab kings, sheikhs, princes, princesses and sultans. These parasites squander Islam's precious assets in the gambling salons and brothels of the West, on crooked arms deals and debauchery on a scale not even matched by the utterly depraved and degenerate citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah. They get their kicks out of the agonised screams of 3 year old child jockeys who fall off racing camels and crushed to death. They turn a blind eye to the terrible child abuse scandals in which 10 year old virgins imported into Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia under false pretences to be abused and abandoned.

Islam must regain its idealistic purity, high sense of morality and scientific glory that gave the world Algebra, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Biology and Physiology. For this to happen the fundamental pre-requisite is the removal of some bloodthirsty, moronic, degenerate and anti-Islam reptiles in the ruling circles of the House of Sauds and other Gulf States. These feral creatures are kept in power by genocidal alliance of US, Britain, France, Germany and the damn Zionists.

Pray to Allah SWT and try to do best with our own strength for the purity of Islam itself. Wallahualam


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